Follow our Humanitarian Aid Team on their journey

An absolutely huge thank you to everyone who has either donated supplies and/or funded the forthcoming journey for this utterly awful situation the people of Ukraine are being submitted to.

You are all amazing.

As some of you may know, my husband, Andy (the other part of France Directory!), is one of the hero drivers that will be undertaking the journey to the Ukraine border to deposit the supplies, which have filled an HGV lorry and two LWB vans !  So, as we are playing such a personal part in this humanitarian aid project, we would like to document the boys journey with photos and stories along the way.  I’m sure you would all like to see the progress they make, give support and see all your supplies reach their destination.

Please email any messages of encouragement to show your support to and we’ll submit them at the bottom of the page for the boys to see.

So let’s meet our heroes !





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