1) Register

  • Click on ‘My Account’, then ‘Register’ on the top menu bar.

  • Complete the simple registration form with a username (a name of your choice), your Email address, First Name and Surname.

  • You will then be logged into your profile page and you will receive a confirmation email.  From your profile page you can Add a business Listing, View your Business Listing and Manage your Business Listing (this includes viewing payment logs, editing listing, editing payment detail and deleting your listing)

2) Adding your business (Silver and Gold Packages are FREE for 60 days)

  • Once logged in, click on any ‘Add my Business’ buttons seen throughout the website or from ‘My Listings’ within your profile page.  Click on ‘Add New Listing’.  You will be taken the the Business Package page where you can choose from one of our 4 Packages,  Bronze (free), Silver (€5.99), Gold (€8.99) and Platinum (€15.99).  We offer our Silver and Gold Packages on a FREE trial for 60 days !  Click here to see what is included in each package.

  • Complete your card details using Stripe (a Secure Payment Site).

  • Once payment details are accepted you will be taken to the Business Listing form.  Simply complete this form with your business details, contact details, description and logo/pictures (if necessary) and ‘Go Live’!  You will receive confirmation of your payment and confirmation of your published listing.

  • Should your payment fail, your listing will automatically be taken off France Directory and you will be informed by email.  Once details have been updated and payment received you’re listing will be re-published.

3) Managing your Listing / Payment Logs

  • From ‘My Listings’ in your profile page you are able to manage your business listing.  The ‘Manage’ button shows you the logs of all activity on your listing, including listing created, listing edited, listing deleted, payments made, card updated etc.

  • You can also edit or delete your listing from ‘Manage’ section at any time.

  • By deleting your listing, Stripe will automatically be informed and your monthly payments will get cancelled.  This works vice versa too, should you cancel your  payment, your listing will automatically be deleted.

4) Review System and Feedback

  • What better way to advertise your business than have others do it for you.  Reviews make your business stand out from the rest.  Users will be able to sort Search Results by how a business is rated.   Always remember to ask satisfied customer to leave a review.

  • Reviews will not published until France Directory have approved them and you will receive an email informing you of any review/feedback that has been published.  If you feel you need to comment on any review, please contact France Directory with your comment and we will add this to the review, therefore allowing future customers to see both sides.

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