Solar Pond/Lake Aeration Systems

UK Based


Our Aerations systems are ideal if you have rearing or recreational fish stocks and are off grid from mains electric supply or don’t want the added cost of running and maintaining generators​

If you don’t have a natural aerator to provide oxygen, such as a flow though water course or just want extra aeration for your fish, purchasing a dedicated pond aerator Oxybox system is a great way to oxygenate your water. ​

Our non-clogging membrane diffusers emit millions of​ tiny bubbles that increase dissolved oxygen levels while eliminating stratification, improving water quality and clarity.

Our Oxybox systems utilise high efficiency low maintenance linear pumps, run cool and thus no cooling fans are required,

Systems have been in the field since 2008 with virtually no maintenance (Glamorgan Anglers, Wales) ​

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