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Normandy Tree and Garden Services (specialising in neglected garden projects)

We offer a  Complete Garden Care Service covering all aspects & needs of the home owner, business user and the every day gardening enthusiast.

We are there to advise and meet the needs of all our customers that need our help.

Investment is very important to us, therefore we continue to invest in new machinery and tools to aid and compliment Normandy Tree & Garden Services.

Usually refers to turfing, levelling & seeding practices

  • Tree planting – for use as a windbreak or simply for ornamental purposes in the garden.
  • Hedge planting – to create a boundary, or simply to be used as a privacy screen.
  • Creation of herbaceous beds and borders, to enhance your garden and give it colour.
  • Vegetable garden – creation and design, to accommodate all root and salad crop.

Hard Landscape
Generally this is paving, creation of driveways and patios.

  • Gates and posts supplied and fitted.
  • Fencing – wooden and concrete products supplied and fitted.

Neglected Garden Projects

  • Bramble clearance.
  • Tree’s felled.
  • Hedges excavated and removed.
  • Rotavated and levelled.
  • Fencing supplied and erected.
  • Landscape services provided if required.

Tree Surgery

  • Trees reduced in height.
  • Tree’s lopped as part of ongoing maintenance.
  • Fruit trees pruned to encourage new harvest.
  • Wind damage cut away.


  • Levelling and seeding practices, often required after a Fosse Septique
  • Installation, or due to a total re landscape.

Weed Killing Service

  • Total Weed Killer applied to driveways or grounds around building and fencing.
  • Selective Weed Killer to kill brambles.

Driveways to be gravelled and realignment

  • New driveways created.
  • Old driveways realigned.
  • Assorted gravel sizes and colours available.

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