BHW Heating – Stove and Rayburn installation/servicing

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BHW Plumbing & Heating Engineers are plumbing and specialist heating engineers of solid fuel, oil and gas boilers and recommended installers for Rayburn Range Cookers offering their services to customers in Normandy, Brittany and Northern Pays-de-la-Loire.

Services :

  • Installations – Servicing – Maintenance of Central Heating and New Boilers, Solid Fuel Boilers/Log Burners, Rayburn Range Cookers and Gas/Oil Boilers
  • Advisory Service of which Rayburn is correct for your fuel and needs.
  • Arrangement to source a 2nd hand refurbished model

There is a model of Rayburn to suit every home going. Whether you purely just require a Rayburn for cooking and heating the room they are in all the way to producing heat for 20 radiators – depending on fuel chosen, there really isn’t anything for home heating, cooking and hot water the Rayburn cannot provide.

The Rayburn can be used to power the home with traditional radiators it can also be used with underfloor heating, Thermal stores, H2 Panel and linked together with other fuels to provide heating and hot water from more than one heat source.

For further information please email us or visit our website.

Below pic shows a Rayburn recently installed at Vire, Normandy.





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