1. Find a Business or Service on France Directory

  • Use the Search Bar to search within a category and within a certain region – select your preferences from the dropdown menu and click ‘Go’. your results will appear in a list form and also pinpointed on the map.

  • All the categories and sub-categories are clearly laid out in the Colour Category Boxes on the business homepage. You can use these boxes to search for your results – from here you can either refine your search results within that category and also see the location of the businesses on the map.

  • Another way to search is by the the search bar to see all category of businesses within your region. By selecting ‘Normandy’ (for example), the results will show all businesses within Normandy.

  • Also using the search bar, you can enter a ‘keyword’, i.e. plumber and click ‘Go’. This will show all plumbers on the directory. From here you can refine your search.


2. Find or Add an Event in your Area

  • Within our Directory will find the Category ‘What’s On’.  Let everyone know of any event, dinner, vide grenier, show etc, etc or search through the listings in the your area.  You will need to register to enable yourself to enter a listing which is a very simple process.  Once you have registered and logged in, you can subscribe to either our Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum listings.  Bronze will be seen in 1 region, Silver 3 regions Gold 6 regions and Platinum is Nationwide.  The listing can be cancelled/deleted straight after the event has taken place.  This will delete any payment information too.


3. Leaving a Review and Feedback on a Service / Business

  • Please Register in order to leave a review.  To register, please go to the Register Page and enter your basic details.  From your profile page, you can find the business listing for which you wish to leave a review for.

  • Reviews will go to France Directory for approval in the first instance.  

  • France Directory will not allow the use of abusive or foul language.  All published reviews will allow for the business to comment on your review if so wished.